Illinois Department of Transportation, Gary Hannig, Secretary

Interstate 55

Located in Will County, Illinois

City of Joliet & Village of Shorewood

Community Advisory Group (CAG)


To provide input and advice to IDOT and its study team with the goal of building overall consensus as the project progresses.

  • To provide structured input and advice from the community at large.
  • To provide key information to the study team regarding local concerns, economics, business, safety, transportation, environment, land use, and other aspects from which potential issues may exist.
  • To ensure that information developed by the project team is distributed throughout the community.
  • To help ensure that the best alternative is identified.
  • To generate interest and knowledge among the general public about the I-55 Study.


Advisory Group members will be expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Attend each CAG meeting and participate in group discussion and activities.
  • Participate openly and honestly, while respecting the opinions of other group members.
  • Endorse the roles of the group, as outlined above.
  • Represent your respective organization, constituency, or broader community interests.


It is important that the CAG be a representative cross section of stakeholder types and groups in the vicinity of the corridor. Membership typically includes volunteers from the following groups:

  • Local and County Government
  • Area Communities
  • Environmental Groups
  • Police and Fire Districts
  • School Districts
  • Business Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Transportation Related Organizations
  • Area Homeowners Associations
  • Bicycling Groups
  • Individual Residents
  • Others, as they are identified

These groups represent large numbers of people who will have a stake in the outcome of the study. Therefore, their representation is an important part of the study process and its ultimate outcome.