Illinois Department of Transportation, Gary Hannig, Secretary

Interstate 55

Located in Will County, Illinois

City of Joliet & Village of Shorewood

Seil Road from Raven Road to IL 59

The proposed Seil Road capacity improvement project is intended to add capacity, mitigate traffic congestion and improve safety. The Seil Road project between Raven Road and I-55 West Frontage Road includes the construction of mini-roundabouts at the Seil Road intersections with States Lane and with Raven Road. In addition to the mini-roundabouts, the proposed alternative also includes a center left turn lane, bridge reconstruction/rehabilitation and improved pedestrian/bicyclist connectivity over the DuPage River.

Funding & Schedule

Preliminary engineering and environmental studies (Phase I) for the Seil Road project were completed by the Department in November 2021. The project has advanced to the next implementation phase, contract plan preparation and land acquisition (Phase II). Phase II and Phase III (construction) are being performed and led by the Village of Shorewood. Questions regarding the Seil Road improvement project should be directed to the Village of Shorewood Public Works Director, Noriel Noriega (

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When evaluating traffic noise, traffic noise impacts, and traffic noise abatement, the Department follows the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulations, policies and procedures. Noise walls or sound barriers identified to abate traffic noise impacts are considered in the environmental analysis throughout the development of a highway project. Projects that are eligible for traffic noise abatement consideration are identified as Type I and Type II projects. A Type I Project or New Highway Project is a proposed project for the construction of a State highway on new alignment (a highway where one did not exist before), or the physical alteration of an existing State highway that significantly changes either the horizontal or the vertical alignment or increases the number of through-traffic lanes. Noise sensitive areas are generally within 500-feet +/- of the roadway right-of-way line.

The Noise Policy does identify Federal or Federal-aid highway projects for noise abatement on an existing highway, which is known as a Type II or retrofit project. However, IDOT does not maintain a Type II program. With the current economic and financial situation and constraints, the Department does not have a plan, program or funding available for implementing Type II retrofits noise abatement projects. If at some future date Illinois initiates and develops a Type II program, and if funding becomes available, the consideration of cost sharing between municipalities or local government sponsors would also likely be incorporated as a major element into the program. Information contained in the IDOT Highway Traffic Noise Assessment Manual addressing the Federal procedures and the IDOT noise policy, procedures and traffic noise abatement along with traffic noise facts and other information can be found at this IDOT website link.

Seil Road, from Raven Road to IL 59 project does not meet the requirements of a Type I project as there are no additional through travel lanes or changes in alignment proposed. Therefore a traffic noise study will not be performed for the project.